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I saw this condo at an open house on sunday – 2016 pacific #203. It seems like a steal. I’m wondering what is up with condo prices? This is a fully remodeled 2 br/2 1/2 bath for $1,295,000?!? Are prices dropping or is this too good to be true?


We’re going to have to plead the fifth on this one. We have a policy at theFrontSteps of not commenting directly on any properties that one or more of our contributors might have an interest in personally, or for their clients. But our readers are free to discuss as much as you’d like.

Regarding condo prices, we’ll just have to wait for the next numbers to come out, but don’t expect any major declines.

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5 thoughts on “Ask us: 2016 Pacific #203

  1. looks like a listing for nina. why won’t you comment? i don’t see a problem with that. i’m sure she can come on here and talk it up as well.

    [Editor’s note: Don’t want to skew the public’s opinion one way or the other…it is still a competitive market out there.]

  2. Gotta love it when people say $1.3 mil for a 2/2.5 is a steal :) Makes me feel really good.

    Thanks for the find. I’ll go check it out. Good size at 1588sqft, good location, and seems done up. Wonder what it sells for. Wagers? i won’t until i see it.

  3. The reason this place has me interested is that another unit in the building sold for $1.3m last year in April @ 1434 square feet. This one’s 1588 so from a comp perspective this should sell for $1.4 – will it? Who knows. I do know there was huge turnout for the open house on Sunday, so we’ll see. It’s a top notch place.

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