Reason We Live Here #11

Because guys like this can be your friends and clients. Ryan Seelbach, absolutely charging at Maverick’s, and bringing it home for San Francisco!

To gain some perspective on the magnitude of this photo and wave, Ryan is 6’6″…Break out your rulers and calculate that wave height for a second. Or go outside and find the nearest 5 story building, look up, and imagine it falling on you.

Photo Credit: Frank Quirarte (

In case you missed it, Mav’s was again in the spotlight.

Reasons We Live Here [theFrontSteps]

3 thoughts on “Reason We Live Here #11

  1. its ironic that though we are blessed with a beautiful coastline which often has good surf we might have some of the least expensive oceanfront property in california…

  2. I totally agree. I think it has to do with the typically rough weather by the coast here. In the summer it is miserable. Imagine if our coastal areas had weather like san diego. It would be crazy expensive down on 48th avenue and that area would be completely different.

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