One Rincon Hill: Time Capsule and Construction Update

We get a few inquiries as to what exactly went inside the so called “time capsule” that will be placed on top of One Rincon Hill. Well, according to One Rincon Hill’s Fall Newsletter, in which theFrontSteps actually has a couple photo credits:

[The time capsule] will be installed in an electrical room on the 61st floor of One Rincon Hill’s Phase I [tower one], more than 600 ft. above the City, with instructions not to be opened for 50 years.

[Inside the capsule is] …everything from a packet of Propel vitamin water to Eclipse gum, Clif bars and South Beach diet bars, to the City’s own Distillery 209 gin, the chief ingredient in ORH’s signature drink, The Gincon.

Also added were local magazines and newspapers, as well as gossip tabloids [,…] a signed copy of the latest book by noted San Francisco storyteller Armistead Maupin, a photo of the current Board of Supervisors, a baseball from Mayor Newsom and a beanie baby from the San Francisco Giants.

The shovel from the groundbreaking, as well as San Francisco Chronicle writer Carl Nolte’s series on ORH (a.k.a. “The Building of a Skyscraper,” rounded out the archive.

For the other questions we get wondering if Tower Two is a go, we provide a quote from the developer, Michael Kriozere:

One Rincon Hill was designed to be two towers, […] We look forward to completing that vision, and for the second tower to reach its topping off in the San Francisco skyline by 2009, with completion in 2010.

And for the questions regarding sales and Interior development of Tower One:

Closings of floors 8-27 will commence in January 2008. The framing of the interiors has reached the 54th floor, the drywall is to level 36 and the finishes soon to [be] completed. [We have a hunch they must be close to the 55th floor due to our tardiness in posting this.]

There you have it.

One Rincon Hill’s Fall Newsletter [One Rincon]

“The Building of a Skyscraper,” [San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate]

One thought on “One Rincon Hill: Time Capsule and Construction Update

  1. Having been on the 60th floor two weeks ago, I can assure you that interior construction is well under way, so if they’re framing 60, you can assume they’re doing all the floors by now. With 376 units in Tower One, you can also assume that, as a sales agent at another place told me, “the winds of change will blow”: people’s circumstances will change and some units will go back on the market. (That’s how I got mine.) I don’t know exactly how many units are available, but I don’t think there are very many.

    Also, there is no question about whether there will be a Tower Two. That was announced at the topping-off ceremony for Tower One. As you might imagine, the logistics of doing Tower Two will be complicated since there’s less room on the block for them to work, but this crew is up to the task.

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