Since Tower Two is a go at One Rincon Hill, we thought you’d like to see some raw video of the construction elevator ride down the outside of Tower One, during consctruction…in case you missed it.

One Rincon Hill Topping off at 600 Ft, with a picture and VIDEO medley [theFrontSteps]


  1. I road that elevator on a tour recently. I have to tell you the last bit where you cross a short bridge to get into the building at the 60th floor scared the crap out of me. Kept telling my self to look straight ahead…and that I was real glad it was not windy. Fantastic view though! Simply fantastic!

    [Editor’s note: We second that “walking the plank” emotion. Construction workers on big buildings like that are nuts!]

  2. WOW! That’s some cool stuff. I’ve looked up at that elevator since they began building and wondered what it was like on that thing. Thanks for sharing. I could not imagine doing what Dede did, or the editor. I think I would faint for sure.

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