Oriental Warehouse, Historic Landmark, Exposed Brick and Timber…(650 Delancey #409)

A quick history: the Oriental Warehouse was built in 1867 by The Pacific Mail Steamship Company as its primary distribution point for coffee, tea, rice, and silk from the Orient. The building was converted in 1996 to Live Work space and became 66 residential lofts varying from 1350 to 1800 square feet.

And lucky you, this 2 bed, 2 bath is available for you at the bargain price of…$1,099,000.




What more could you want?

650 Delancey St #409 [MLS]

9 thoughts on “Oriental Warehouse, Historic Landmark, Exposed Brick and Timber…(650 Delancey #409)

  1. This is my favorite building in SouthBeach/SOMA. The window situation is a bit weird for most of the units though, but since this is a top floor unit–maybe its better?

  2. Nicole – have you seen units in 540 Delancey – Cape Horn Lofts – I love Oriental Warehouse – but it’s a little too big for my taste – Cape Horn offers some very similar elements – true conversion loft – with far less units. The top floor units have incredible private decks too.

  3. There is a little alley off Townsend between 2nd and 3rd, not Stanford, but the one just west of Stanford. Anybody know it? Anyway, set back in the middle of the block behind a gate is another converted brick building just like this one. When I saw the photos I did a doubletake. Like, “Wow, my friend put his loft up for sale?” But it isn’t the same. Anybody know the building I’m talking about? That’s another South Beach gem. I’d bet $50 it was the same developer too.

    [Editor’s note: Kenny, I don’t know it, but do have a client for something like this if you know of anything. Same goes for you Greg. And we’ll be checking out this one for sure, so I’m keeping my lips sealed.]

  4. I love this building as well, I have seen pics inside the building that showed it was waterfront when it was built, it had ships pulled up to the side of it. OW was converted to lofts in ’97 so the earthquakes should not bring it down. I found more pics can be found at loftsunlimited.com. I think james is talking about clarence place, but that is not brick its concrete??

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