Countrywide Short Sales, Pools, and Dark Clouds

I’ve been told a big wig at Countrywide has been forced to sell his home in Gilbert, AZ (Phoenix), for $700,000 600,000. (Oops…already pending at $700,000 with multiple offers after one week.) Apparently recent comps support a $900,000+ purchase price.



So you see? It’s all about finding the silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud. Or finding yourself ponied up to the pool bar, watching your guests every move with your surveillance cameras, and generally frolicking in 120 degree heat in your backyard oasis.

I’ll take two fresh lime margaritas on the rocks, in the pool, with salt please…

4224 S Winter LN Gilbert, AZ [MLS Phoenix]

10 thoughts on “Countrywide Short Sales, Pools, and Dark Clouds

  1. I think you got the wrong address or your contact told a fib.

    [Editor’s note: Not too concerned about the who, more the what…as in what price it was purchased at, what it listed at, and what it will eventually sell for. And would you care to elaborate on how you know this is/is not a fib?]

  2. i love the faux rocks surrounding the pool- can you say cheezy!?! i’m half expecting some goblins or elfs to jump out and offer me a drink, yikes!

    [Editor’s note: Or you could imagine some Playboy Playmates offering you a drink, or Male Dancers, depending on your preference. ;-) Or you could rip it up and put in a nice half-pipe, palm garden, or other form of martian landscape that can endure that kind of heat.)

  3. that swimmers line down the middle of the pool says it all

    i like to party but i know how important it is to pretend i’m serious


  4. looks like the backyard of Fred and Wilma Flintstone..yikes…those rocks are cheesy..

    can’t you just see barney rubble in a speedo doing laps?

  5. i’m guessing he was trying to replicate the grotto at the playboy mansion with that little cave

    pretty funny!

  6. The truth and nothing but the truth…. also right address! Can you explain the hadwritten urgent note on the gate from the mortgage company looking for the owner immeditaly??? Or the listing agent advertising as a short sale???

    No fib!

    [Editor’s note: I can’t explain anything about a hand-written note. I am not in AZ. I am in SF. It was apparently advertised as a short sale. Sorry I’m not much help.]

  7. I havebeen in a shrt sale with countrywide for 7 months….too bad for me some big wig did not own this house cw is a joke

  8. excuse me the house i am selling i will never give cw another lon or show teir properties again after seeing this it makes me want to puke

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