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‘How bad can traffic in American cities get? Los Angeles’s long-range transportation plan is a grim look at the future. By 2025, Los Angeles County is projected to have 3 million more people, which could prompt a 30 percent increase in car trips. At that rate, the report suggests, “congestion will last nearly all day long.” None of the city’s innovative solutions-from new subway lines to traffic management systems-are likely to change that. And at the rate traffic in other cities is snarling, they won’t be far behind.’

Bottom line: The trends we see today will continue. In other words, buying real estate within 20 miles of America’s top cities is a sure thing. No point to wait for markets to “fall” – it’s not going to last. If you can – buy now.

One part of me wants to go for the suburban house in Lafayette so I can get my suburban toehold before it becomes only the possibility of the rich…” Dave-San Francisco

Editor: And the other part? You left us hanging! What’s the other part!?

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