It’s about Damn Time!

Finally, an article in the mainstream media confirming what we’ve been telling our readers of the sfnewsletter for the longest time (one example). “The Market is pretty damn good.” (Note: we acknowledge the article is a bit “sales office” cheerleaderish, but gets the point across.)

Doesn’t it make sense to get the most up to date market report from people creating the comps, rather than people analyzing the comps?  We try to do a good job of giving all sides of the story, Overbids, Stalefish ™, and of course Letters to Editor. So we think we’ve got you covered, and hope you check back frequently.  Remember, we’re new to the blogoscene.

[Update: We forgot to add a link to our Tour de San Francisco, which is only in the early stages and a great way for you to check out our micro-markets (a term we believe we coined a long, long, time ago…then of course a reader broke it down further…nano-markets. Yes, we’re doing a little horn tooting.]

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