Ask an Expert (Elaine Larkin), Comparing Condo to SFR in NOPA

“My wife and I live in NOPA and I look forward to hearing your take on the area in your Tour de SF. One question – when comps are listed for condos v. single family homes, do you think it’s fair to ascribe additional value to condos that are housed in a former single family home (e.g. ours, with just one other condo above us)? At 1300 sf, our $810,000 flat with parking is definitely above the average condo price per sf in the area…”
A.W.-San Francisco, North Panhandle

As answered by Elaine Larkin, Hill & Co. Real Estate
Smaller buildings have more appeal to some people because you have the extra amenity of your own private entrance versus a common entry hall. And flats tend to be larger square footage as well. I assume you are talking about a 2 unit building rather than a single family dwelling.
Elaine Larkin

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