Now we’re talking!….Bernal again.

Yes please.  We’ll take two.  3335 Folsom, 3 bed, 2 bath, $1,395,000 in Bernal Heights.


[pics and info taken from, a member of sfnewsletter]

I, as the editor chose this property as a post because it is just plain sweet. This in NOT a paid advertisement for the listing, nor did Tal ask us to post this.  In fact, she doesn’t even know about it…yet.

4 thoughts on “Now we’re talking!….Bernal again.

  1. yes sweet… but I needed to check 3 times that it was indeed a SFH. please make it clear. I know some people do not care if it’s SFH, condo or TIC, but I do and so do many people.
    Good listing. Sweet agent…

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