Virtual Real Estate, in a Virtual World

Getting tired of being priced out of the market?  Can’t imagine paying $750,000 for a one bedroom condo in San Francisco.  Frett not!  Enter Second Life. A Virtual 3D world waiting to be created. Don’t like the rain? Don’t allow it in your town? Trump stealing your thunder? Create your own real estate empire.   Land is for sale, and it’s still pretty cheap. You can buy some land, build a commercial mall, then rent space out to high end tenants (read: advertisers). The marketing world is getting in the groove of this 3D world.
The only thing…you need to be kind of tech savvy.  So break out of this two-dimensional world of over-priced real estate, and scarce land, and invest in 3D.  It may be the future, we’ll have to see. 

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