241 7th Ave…Make An Offer!

Signs of a real estate rebound? We’re getting various tips to confirm the reports and it is definitely good news. So why the hell have you not told your friends about this great single family home at 241 7th Ave in the Inner Richmond? (NOTE: Tax records are not accurate on square footage…Curbed. ;-) )


We have been told to encourage buyers to “bring a reasonable offer”. That means, tell your friends. This is a chance to have a single family home at a condo price and the seller is extremely motivated. What you might be reading on tax records is pretty much useless. There are two large bedrooms and a sunroom that can be a third small bedroom or office. There is a formal dining room, formal living room, Edwardian details galore, and the entire lower level could either be a large media room, office, playroom or anything really. There is tons of storage space, a huge front yard, the home is detached on all sides and full of light, and it is a wonder this house is still available. The lot is zoned RH-2. We have reduced the price 5% already, and we’re encouraging any reasonable offer.

You know we rarely plug listings on this site, but this is truly an opportunity that will pass someone by if they don’t make a move. Make an offer on this home, or tell your friends about it!

241 7th Ave, SFR, 2+ bed, 1.5 bath, 2pk, $1,129,550 [listing details]


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  1. mortgage analyst March 15, 2009 — 1:30 pm

    Prediction: This house will be worth $850K one year from now. Hurry and buy now to lock in your losses so we can earn a commission! After all, the market has rebound!!!

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  3. Looks like that opportunity passed people by — it’s now listed at 999k. So sorry I passed it up when it was 1.13M…

  4. Looks like that opportunity passed people by — it’s now listed at 999k. So sorry I passed it up when it was 1.13M…

    No need for snideness. “Encourage any reasonable offer” hardly precludes offering lower than asking.

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