Rules For In-Person Property Visits

You, like thousands of other homeowners thinking about selling a home right now, are probably wondering what you have to do to get people to visit your property. We got you…

Straight from the collective heads:

Before anyone goes in: “It is prudent for the seller and listing agent to consider establishing strict guidelines in advance of any in-person showings. They include, among other items, pre-qualification of the buyer, proof of funds, and a certain minimum threshold of buyer investigation such as review of virtual media, etc.”

When buyers are in your property:

During a showing, introduce fresh outside air.

 After they leave:

Perform a thorough cleaning and disinfect commonly used surfaces after each showing. Wipe down and disinfect items touched by visitors. Adjust or modify showings to provide adequate time for regular deep cleaning and disinfecting = NO OPEN HOUSES AT ALL EVER. Times have changed. Gone are the open house signs, hoards of neighbors and casual buyers trompsing through your house.

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