Social Media Marketing For San Francisco Agents

A little shameless plug of my side hustle to my fellow Realtors here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Based on my past success with blogging, I have built a service for all of my fellow Realtors to make your online marketing that much easier and way better than what you currently do. We call it The Goods, because that’s what your sphere deserves.

We make it ridiculously easy for you to share pertinent content (like Recent Sales, New Listings, Overbids, Underbids, and more) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, newsletters, and in your email signature.

We know you market with at least one of those platforms, so let us make your life easier.

More info at, or contact me directly to get set up. Soon enough your network will be seeing this information from your competitor, so they might as well get it from you first. [You’re on the network, now get the content]

Photo by Kelly Javanmardi on Unsplash