He lives in the City…plays in the City…works in the City.

Because Yelp (and their b.s. algorithms) continue to hide these amazingly kind and awesome testimonials from clients who take the time to share a few words, and because I have to share this stuff to keep food on the table and shoes on the feet, have a look at what my two most recent clients had to say about getting to the finish line in our tough market.

I’ve known Alex for more than 11 years and three real estate transactions. His insights and advice are spot on, informed by his certifiable obsession with the San Francisco market. There’s a time during every deal when you’re about to freak out…and Alex is always chill, no stress – gets you through those hurdles. He’s got a network of pros to support you and position your property. He lives in the City…plays in the City…works in the City.
When all the dust settles, Alex is the kind of guy you’d STILL want to invite over, have a cold one, and enjoy the good company.

– Tim & Aloisia

Alex was fantastic in helping me buy a condo. I tried to work with a few others. Alex was superior on every level. He knew most of the sellers agents, he had great advice on bidding strategy. Couldn’t recommend him more highly.

– Aron B.

Thanks to all of you for sticking it out and putting your trust in me to get the job done.

As for you Tim, we still got one to go…so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. ;-)

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