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San Francisco ranks #3 best city for dating

San Francisco ranks #3 best city for dating

Are you in the right city to find love? According to a recent study from Apartment List, out of the 66 cities surveyed, SF makes a strong showing in 3rd place. Edging us out in dating satisfaction is Charlotte, North Carolina in 2nd and Austin, Texas taking 1st. Overall, men view their dating experiences more positively with a satisfaction rating of 35%, while women average 25%.

If you do find yourself looking for love this Valentine’s Day, we recommend you stick close to home in SF – Sacramento and Riverside hold the 2 lowest spots for dating satisfaction. You may also fare better with a college education. According to the survey, holding a bachelor’s degree or higher seemed to correlate with higher dating satisfaction across the country. The ratings were 32.5% for those with degrees vs. 25.3% for non-college-educated singles.

The survey focused on single people (married folks or those in long-term relationships were excluded). It incorporates ratings from heterosexual and LGBTQIA respondents. If you’d like to view the complete results, head over to the full story on

On the other hand, SFGATE just published “Why Dating in San Francisco is a Total Nightmare”.  “If I wasn’t over six feet and in great shape, I think I would be totally f—ed as far as dating here.” posted by u/alittledanger.

Whatever your thoughts on local dating and however you spend your day in our City by the Bay, we wish you a very happy Valentines Day.



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