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Cole Valley Flat For $15; Scantily Clad Bathers Arrested; Dead Man Returns To Life – August 18, 1908

Cole Valley Flat For $15;  Scantily Clad Bathers Arrested; Dead Man Returns To Life – August 18, 1908

It’s not everyday you get to sell a property where history was made (no, I haven’t posted this listing on Craigslist), and it’s definitely not everyday that you open up a wall for a remodel and find a San Francisco Examiner from August 18, 1908…and it’s totally legible!
The information contained on the pages of this newspaper will truly transport you back in time:

“Dead man returns to life under injection of Strychnia”

…the birth and progress of the Independence Party led by William Randolph Hearst “was only defeated by the treason and the knife…”

“…bathers who appear in the surf so scant of cloth as to shock public decency to be arrested and fined.”

“Our country cousins [Santa Cruz residents] who are unused and unaccustomed to the fashions of city life are seriously shocked when they come to see us and go to spend an hour at the seashore…”

And since this is primarily a real estate blog, and I’m selling 1010 Cole, take a look at some of the rental listings, particularly 1039 Cole:

2 sunny; furn. hskpg. rooms; bath; gas; laundry; $15; Masonic ave. cars.

Some things don’t change…the importance of the sun in SF (where has it been!?), having gas to your home, an easy way to wash your clothes, and proximity to public transportation…and luckily others do.
The images are massive, so if you can’t read it, click and zoom.

Priceless reading, for sure.
Although this newspaper is tucked away in a safe and totally not able to be viewed, the property where it was found, and Craigslist was founded, is for sale, and available for purchase, 1010 Cole St, Cole Valley.
Come on by, have a look, or better yet…buy the home, and maybe (if you’re lucky) the newspaper will be part of the deal.
1010 Cole Street, Cole Valley, $1,395,000 [theFrontSteps]
Condo Where Craigslist Was Born Asks $1.39 Million [Curbed]
San Francisco House where Craigslist Was Launched Up For Sale [ABC 7 News]



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