10 Reasons to Visit Super Bowl City

[Editor’s Note: As part of my commitment to San Francisco and the greater good of all residents in this wonderful city, I have teamed up with some USF Journalism students to allow them to get their feet wet with writing/blogging/marketing on a larger scale. This is the first post of hopefully many, and I thank Kianna Fernandez (USF Student/ tFS Intern) for her time, her efforts, and her excellent first effort with this piece on theFrontSteps.]

  1. Food: Who doesn’t love that, right? Stop by the multiple different vendors for garlic fries, cheeseburgers, and seafood dishes!
  2. Drinks: Yes, of course you can grab coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up during the evenings. If you’re 21 and up, you have the option to stop at the various Budweiser sponsored drink stations. More of a wine drinker? Stop by the Sonoma County section for a glass to go or come on in to sample different options.
  3. Concerts: Did I mention they’re free? Don’t miss your chance to see One Republic or Alicia Keys on the City Stage during the evening.
  4. Photo Ops: Walking around, you can take pictures at photo booths or have a chance to be featured on TV with broadcasting occurring throughout the event.
  5. Zip-lining: Come by the CBS Sports section to sign up for an opportunity to zip-line through the hand-crafted Golden Gate Bridge featured by the turf field.
  6. Apparel: Wanting your own piece of Super Bowl 50? Stop by the NFL vendor to get an authentic cap, official NFL ball, sweatshirt, shirt, etc.
  7. Lights: Lights and more lights! The Bay Bridge is shining once again; you don’t want to miss it.
  8. All Things Football: The STEM area gives you an opportunity to wear football gear from both past and present. After gearing up and snapping a photo, take your opportunity to see how fast you can throw the ball!
  9. Drones: Have you ever wanted to fly a small drone? Well, come to the back of Super Bowl City and Intel gives you the opportunity for free! See if you have what it takes to maneuver throw various targets to make it in the end zone.
  10. Super Bowl 50: When will you have the opportunity to have all the Super Bowl festivities come to you again? Don’t miss it and remember this memory with your own picture in front of the Super Bowl 50 sign in the Super Bowl City plaza.

Sports fan or not, Super Bowl City offers opportunities for everyone! Take advantage of it before it’s gone and enjoy.

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