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Where To Buy A Home In Marin County For The Money

Where To Buy A Home In Marin County For The Money

Following on the heels of our Where to Buy A Home For Your Money in San Francisco post, we thought you’d like to know what your hard earned cash gets you in Marin (I do represent buyers and sellers in Marin County, if you’re in the market).

The charts below are based upon 2015 transactions reported to Marin MLS by August 15th, breaking out the towns and cities with the most sales within given price points. However, other communities not listed in a particular chart might have smaller numbers of home sales within a given price segment.

Novato and San Rafael have by far the biggest home markets in Marin, making up almost 50% of total sales, and this is reflected in the charts below. Following them in market size are Mill Valley (about 15% of sales), San Anselmo (6%) and Tiburon (5%). The two most expensive communities, Belvedere and Ross, have very few home sales, which of course adds to their exclusivity.

Where to Buy a HOUSE in Marin for under $1,000,000

The overall median house price in Marin in the 2nd quarter of 2015 hit a new high at $1,150,000, so the under million-dollar house market continues to diminish as the market rebound proceeds. This chart has been broken into 2 price segments: house sales up to $750,000, and then sales from $750,000 up to $1 million. The vast majority of house sales in these price segments now occur in the upper half of the county in San Rafael and Novato.

The chart’s columns reflect the number of sales in the 2 price segments in 2015 YTD for each town or city.


Buying a CONDO in Marin

The Marin median condo price in the 2nd quarter of 2015, at $575,000, was exactly half that of houses. By units sold, condos make up a little more than 20% of the county’s home market. (As a point of comparison, condo sales now outnumber house sales in San Francisco.) Again, San Rafael and Novato dominate this market segment, but there are also significant numbers of condo sales in Mill Valley, Sausalito and Tiburon, which also feature the most expensive condos in the county.


Buying a HOUSE in Marin for $1,000,000 to $1,999,000 Million

When the house price range moves up into the $1,500,000 up to $2,000,000 range, Mill Valley becomes the largest market by homes sold.

Buying a HOUSE in Marin for $2,000,000 & Above

Once over $2 million, the center of the home market in Marin shifts definitively to the southern half of the county, Kentfield & Ross to Mill Valley, Tiburon & Sausalito.


Where to Buy A Home in SF for your Money [theFrontSteps]

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