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Holiday Happenings. Good News! My Goals And Predictions For 2014. Plus, I'm Giving Away Money!

Happy New Year to everyone!
I dare say it was a quiet holiday for me for the first time since jumping into real estate 11 long years ago, and it felt weird to have so much free time. It was a struggle to really let go of the iPhone, turn off the internet, and live in the now, but I managed, and dammit if I wasn’t pretty good at it too. I can highly recommend unplugging (especially you parents) and leaving your Smartphone behind, lifting your head up, and noticing all the insanely awesome things that take place in the world immediately around you, all day, every day.
This holiday break I played some ice hockey, did some Cross Country and Alpine skiing, and since we (San Franciscans) became locked in a pattern of no rain, sunny skies, and Easterly winds, I managed to get my fair shake of surfing in as well. Now, my boys are back in school, so I can get back to the task at hand…work.
On that note, I have exciting news that you may have already heard, and that is “Top Agent Network scoops up domain name and CEO Alexander Clark“. That’s right, I am joining Top Agent Network as an Industry and Technology Advisor, and is no longer mine. It has been a great resource for myself and many agents around the country, but now if you want the inside track to off market real estate, you’re going to have to officially be on my radar, and be thankful that I am a Top Producer. I am excited about the prospects ahead for Top Agent Network and my role with them, and I am excited to be your go-to Real Estate agent for all of your San Francisco real estate needs.
Looking forward to 2014, agents around San Francisco are beginning to finally send their clients pertinent, real-time, real estate market information as part of their marketing campaign and their clients around the Bay Area can begin to rejoice in the fact that print mailers, and all of the other crap you are bombarded with from those in our industry will hopefully taper off. To put it another way, you (the property owner, or buyer) can track sales where you want, when you want from any internet connected device. It is my mission to keep you informed about the market in your area on a micro and macro level, and if you’re agent is not sending you The Goods, smack them upside the head and tell them it’s about time they do!
My predictions:
Our market will see continued multiple offer situations, continued low inventory, a decrease in hype about Noe Valley and the Mission, and increased interest in areas like NOPA, the Richmond, and the Outer Sunset. Overall it feels the market may have calmed, however slightly (could very well be the holiday doldrums), and I do feel there will be more opportunities on properties that set an offer date, do not receive any offers, and thus become that much more negotiable on price and terms, so patience might just pay off. Keep in mind, if our market has calmed, that does not mean by any stretch of the imagination it has tanked. We were at a fever pitch, and anything less than that would be awesome for all of you buyers out there, and still incredibly rewarding for all of you sellers.
It will rain, at some point, and it will snow in the mountains before May. I regret to say, the 49ers will lose their next game (let’s hope I’m wrong), but I’m happy to say, the Warriors will win theirs. I predict San Francisco will get “The Big One” sometime in my lifetime, and Ocean Beach surfing conditions will go back to normal (this is not normal). Hipsters will continue to come up with cool innovations, and rule our world. They will procreate, and facial hair (for boys) will be popular at more and more insanely expensive San Francisco pre-school classrooms around the city. Coffee will be the new water. Carrying or using a single use plastic water bottle anywhere will immediately garnish dirty looks (as it should), and residents will slowly begin to realize that big “green bin” is not just for gardening waste.
I want to give away money.
I will give 2% of my commission to a charity of your (the client’s) choice with each closed transaction. When I hit $25,000,000 in sales volume, I will give $25,000 to one local charity or organization. (I’m still finalizing which one, and I’m open to suggestions). When you refer me to your friends and family, and a transaction is closed, you will receive a $100 gift card to a local restaurant or business of your choice. I am in the local business, and I’d like to support everything local. Spread the word, so I can share the love!
I again wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year filled with fun, excitement, challenges, rewards, and lots and lots of snow! Pray for snow! We need it. Enjoy a few pictures of my 2013, and here’s a raised glass to many more excellent memories, and new friends in 2014.



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2 thoughts on “Holiday Happenings. Good News! My Goals And Predictions For 2014. Plus, I'm Giving Away Money!”

  • SaskatoonRealty

    January 6, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    Where was that ice rink? Doesn’t look like there was much snow or that it was very cold. Looks awesome. Happy new year to you as well!

    • thefrontsteps

      January 6, 2014 at 6:32 pm

      Thanks! That is in Reno, NV. The lack of snow, and inversions creates good cold air to make some good thick ice.


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