I just wanted to drop a quick little note for all of you buyers and sellers out there, mostly buyers.

If you are looking for property in Cole Valley, Union Square, Lone Mountain, Outer Parkside (most call it the Sunset), Russian Hill, Pacific Heights, Nob Hill, or St. Francis Wood, I know of properties that are not on MLS, not on PocketListings.net, not on Redfin, not on Trulia, not on Zillow, and likely not on your radar, and they are for sale.

I can help you get access to any of these homes, but you need to contact me, and you need to be unrepresented when you do so.

Sellers, if you’re on the fence about selling, I know of several buyers looking for property in Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Union Square, Cole Valley, and many other parts of the city.

All it takes is a simple email or phone call and we might be able to put something together.

Not sure if you want to work with me? Have a look at some of these testimonials, and take a gander at some recent sales (on the bottom of the linked page).

I can help, and I’m a nice guy…I swear.


    1. Listings aren’t mine Salsa, but thanks for the reminder that agents should share these off market listings in one place (PocketListings.net), rather than simply emailing the chosen ones, so people like yourself can have a crack at them too.

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