Cole Valley Single Family Home On Cole Street Coming Soon

I wanted to give my readers a heads up about a Cole Valley Single Family home that is going to hit MLS any day. [Update: It’s on the market now. 1340 Cole Street…you had your chance to beat the pack.] I’ve been asked not to share the address or photos (thus the picture of Cole Valley’s new Ice Cream Bar, which is only a par 4 away from said home). If you’re interested in learning more you gotta contact me directly. Principals only.

Given how quickly properties of this caliber in this location have been selling, any jump on the competition is beneficial.

Don’t believe me that Cole Valley single family homes are flying off the shelf (assuming they’re priced right)? Have a look at the recent single family home activity down (or up) in Cole Valley. Pay particular attention to homes directly on Cole Street.

Why is 313 Parnassus not selling? Price for the location. Simple as that (IMO).

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