Battle Royale: San Francisco Or Palo Alto, If You Had To Choose

We’ve had a lot of battles over the years here on theFrontSteps. Some have been rather quiet (Tokyo versus San Francisco), while others like New York City versus San Francisco, San Francisco versus East Bay, and Cole Valley versus Noe Valley continue to rage on.

The comparison of places one might set up shop, lay down roots, call home, or start a business is never going to end. It has always been, and always will be, a popular topic, and a debate sure to spark any conversation. It’s an important discussion point, and one that would certainly need to be hashed out for any future residents or visitors alike to San Francisco or other places. Therefore, it’s time for another Battle Royale that we somehow failed to do previously…

San Francisco or Palo Alto, if you had to choose, and why?

The argument has to begin something along the lines of “to each his own”, but in all fairness San Francisco clearly has a lot more to offer any hip young person that might be working at a hip young startup. Our nightlife is better, our bars are better, our restaurants are better, our access to recreation is better (this could easily be debated), our coffee is better, our surf is better (no…Santa Cruz is NOT part of “greater” Palo Alto), our hipsters are hairier, our marijuana is more legal, and our gays are gayer (because we’re free man…we’re free).

On the other hand, Palo Alto clearly beats San Francisco’s ass in regards to summertime weather, cleanliness of streets, college vibe, shear brain power concentrated in one place (Stanford), and being a great place to raise a family. But that’s just what we think.

What do you think?

Your comments are appreciated, will be read by thousands, and could quite possibly make or break a buyer’s decision on whether to buy a home in San Francisco or Palo Alto. No pressure…

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[Full disclosure…I represent clients in both San Francisco and Palo Alto, so of course I only have good things to say about both locations.]

5 thoughts on “Battle Royale: San Francisco Or Palo Alto, If You Had To Choose

  1. My vote is for SF all the way. You can’t beat this town. Weather is a bit lousy in the summer, but that’s only if you live out by the beach. The only thing Palo Alto has that we don’t is nice weather. SF all the way!

  2. Great post. Agree 100% with what I’ve seen the past few years.

    My overall belief: the single biggest item that could help SF beat PA further would be to have it’s public school system further improve.

    1. John, you are soooo right about the school system. Our schools are definitely good and some would argue getting better, but many families just go with what they hear, and move out. They move out to Marin or PA without even giving our system a try. We’re thrilled with the school our boys attend. Middle school….not so sure about that, but will cross that bridge when it comes.

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