A Message To San Francisco Real Estate Agents…

PocketListings.net is now FREE.

We are proud to say, we have secured an additional “Angel Investment” and can now offer our service to you FREE OF CHARGE. That’s right. PocketListings.net and all of the wonderful things we have created for you to do more deals and give your clients an alternative means to listing property for sale is 100% free to use, and incredibly easy to join.

We hope you and your colleagues take advantage of the opportunity placed in front of you to get on your way to more closed transactions. We encourage you to think outside of the box that we have all been forced to work in for so many years, and realize EXPOSURE and NETWORKING (the #1 and #2 methods to sell property), can (and will) come through participation on our site. Use PocketListings.net to your advantage and help your sellers sell, and your buyers find what they need.

Go ahead. It’s FREE!

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