Wanted: John Maniscalco (Designed Home)

It’s good to be loved…especially when you have buyers out there looking for one of your previously designed homes. In this case, the love is for a John Maniscalco designed residence like this…

…or perhaps, since it did just snow up Tahoe way, a little ski hut to get you through the winter…

Property owners looking to quietly part ways with your John Maniscalco drool home, your buyer is out there and they have $2,100,000 to burn. Nobody has to know.

John Maniscalco Architecture [Highly recommend you take a look at this site if you are a fan of modern, clean, beautiful designs.]
Buyer looking for John Maniscalco designed residence [PocketListings.net]

One thought on “Wanted: John Maniscalco (Designed Home)

  1. I doubt 2.1 will cut it, even for a Maniscalco remodel. I don’t fully get the love fest. He’s very good, but not so much better than great designers like Feldman or YamaMar that the buyer should only seek him. He’s probably a better marketer than his competitors.

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