You really need to post this one on your blog. I haven’t laughed this hard in sometime…

Hope you’re well.
[Previous Client]”

Be careful, there are quite a few F-bombs and vulgarities in this video, so if you’re at work, put the volume on low, and remember, as much as you know about the market and your home’s value by browsing Zillow’s incredibly inaccurate Zestimates, your Realtor (likely) knows more. Listen to them!


  1. I would not pay $1,000,000 and change for a 3 bedroom house that has a small kitchen ny an indoor pool. The owner is really crazy.first, i don’t want humidity in my kitchen !!! Secondly, i would want a pool outside ans bigger !!! This house is going to be a very hard sell!!!! Look out buyers !!!!

  2. This video is strikingly funny. I for one learned the hard way about trying to save some dough & hiring a “sell your own” kind of company. What a huge waste of time. The guy didn’t have a clue how to even school me in what to do. I lost so much time and probably more money than I should have. My wife slapped me around and finally hired a realtor to get it sold and within 7 days I got an offer and two more came in. Ended up selling it for enough to ease my battered feelings. And Zillow…what a true waste of time.

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