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Sutro Tower “Radiation” & “Not On MLS” Opportunity On Palo Alto Ave

Being a Realtor here at Zephyr Real Estate, we are constantly hit up with questions from colleagues trying to find answers for their clients. (Funny how we’re expected to know everything and have all the answers outside of what a quick Google, Yahoo!, or Bing search might turn up for you (just sayin’)). Since we continue to get every question under the sun, some more intriguing than others, we’re going to start sharing some of them with you in hopes that you might be able to provide some additional “local” insight. This one came across the intranet today, and maybe someone out there has the answer:

I have clients who are interested in a property in Midtown Terrace but are concerned about the “radiation” from the towers on Twin Peaks. Is there a professional resource to whom I can direct her so that someone with some credentials can speak to her about this issue?

It took all but 30 seconds to find this “most comprehensive guide to Sutro Tower and Mount Sutro on the Internet”, and we’d bet there might be some answers on there, but what we really want to know is if any of you residents living near Sutro Tower have noticed any extra appendages or vivid hallucinogenic episodes as of late.

Something interesting that we noticed….The original address of the tower was 250 Palo Alto Ave, so perhaps you’d also like to know that 206 Palo Alto Avenue is currently for sale, but “not on MLS“.

Just a reminder, that although we tend to know everything, it’s real estate that we really know, and I personally would be happy to get you a private tour of 206 Palo Alto Ave…just ask. 😉



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