Changing Assessed Property Value In San Francisco Update: 1 Down, 6600 To Go

Remember those questions about how to lower your assessed property value in San Francisco? We still get them, and we also get other information from other people in the know going through the same thing. We thought you’d like to know about this:

I called the Assessor Recorder’s office to get help with the Application for Changed Assessment form. They were surprisingly helpful. However, they delivered some bleak news. He said that we can expect an acknowledgment that they received the application in 2-3 months at best. He also informed me that we can expect to have a hearing scheduled in 1 to 1.5 years. They normally receive 2,000 applications/year and received 6,600 applications last year. They are only 1/3 of the way through last year’s applications and must finish those before they start on the 2010-2011 apps.

Anybody care to bet that it’s only going to get easier from here on out. ;-)

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