What To Do With Your $45,000,000 San Francisco Backyard

We’ve always said a skatepark or velodrome in the backyard of 2901 Broadway (last check it was still listed for $45,000,000) would be a most excellent idea (see red arrow).

Maybe we should have Tony Hawk and crew come teach the Pacific Heights crowd a thing or two about what to do with all of that space:

Or maybe Bob Burnquist’s backyard is a better example:

The skiers/snowboarders had the right idea, but getting snow in San Francisco proved a bit problematic:

But with the naturally steep hills here, maybe a skateboard megaramp is the answer? They could launch over the Getty compound.

Those are a few things you’ll see on our Christmas list to Santa this year….

One thought on “What To Do With Your $45,000,000 San Francisco Backyard

  1. 2 questions, why go to all that work for an east/west court, and what goes on underneath a tennis court two to four stories in the air?

    Don’t get me started on having to cross the drive to get to the front door, especially if there are more steps than the Lincoln Memorial.

    Three hour lunches leave me happy/snarky don’t they?

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