Pocket Listings And “Off Market” Real Estate

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve already heard. There will soon be a network to post, search, and sell pocket listings (PocketListings.NET). Off-market, pocket listings, whatever…they’re out there, they’re bought and sold, and real estate agents will soon be able to share information amongst themselves on a much larger scale, which we hope will increase an agent’s opportunity to sell their pocket listings, and ultimately open up some doors for buyers and sellers beyond what is listed on the MLS.

The market has changed, the internet is here and not going anywhere, agents have valuable information about off-market properties that until now (when we launch) has been difficult to communicate to a large audience, and it’s time for something new. We can’t tell you everything, but we can tell you it will be cool. So get yourself a Twitter account and follow @pocketlistings for updates.

PocketListings.NET [coming soon!]

7 thoughts on “Pocket Listings And “Off Market” Real Estate

  1. Sorry if this is a simple question, what’s the benefits of a pocket listing and why would a seller not want it to be public (MLS)? Thanks!

  2. Good luck with this effort. This will not be easy but could be a valuable resource.

    I’ve always though it would be a good idea to have a site where buyers could post up their buyside criteria. For example – WTB: SFR in D7 <$2M. Must have parking, outdoor space and a min of 3000 square feet. Fixer OK. Then you could build a matching engine.

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