Calling All San Francisco Surfers (And Wannabes), We Have The Pad For You!

In our never ending quest to find the ultimate San Francisco surf pad, we were delighted to see one of our favorite oceanfront homes hit the market recently, 2534 Great Highway.


It’s not everyday you can buy one of the few homes on the Great Highway that easily clear the sand dunes to enjoy unobstructed (save for a little fog 4 months out of the year) views of easily the best surf spot in all of Northern California, Ocean Beach (we may be fibbing a bit on that comment, but go with the fantasy). If we weren’t Realtors working in a recession fueled by real estate, we’d snatch this 3 bed, 2.5 bath, $1,299,000 baby up in a second.


But we are Realtors, and the market has a long ways to go for a complete rebound, so we’ll just come crash your parties, and install a nice little surf cam on your roof. We promise nobody will know the location and you too can live the dream of being a San Francisco surfer (or wannabe). You’d even be (close) neighbors with the owners/founders of the Beach Chalet/Park Chalet, so maybe you’d get a free pint or two post surf to wash away the salt water…

Guess it’s time to get back on the blogging wagon and go fishin, cuz $1,299,000 ain’t happenin for us any time soon! Have we mentioned our fresh lime margaritas?

2534 Great Highway, $1,299,000 [Redfin]

4 thoughts on “Calling All San Francisco Surfers (And Wannabes), We Have The Pad For You!

  1. Are they going for multiple offer/bidding. It looks like the largest house on the block, but the price seems …reasonable.

    Is traffic noise bad? Mini-dorms next door?
    What is wrong with this house?!

    I need to get the partners to reopen the SF office.

    1. Billy,

      Multiple offers is always a goal. Will it happen? Don’t know. Traffic noise is not bad at all, no mini-dorms that we know of, tons of room for surfboards downstairs and BIG post surf parties in the back yard (we recommend installing a hot tub). Surf checks are easy, and the sandbars are pretty good out front. Get your partners to move out, and give us a call. We’d gladly crash your parties.

  2. Looks like they just got down to $1.2M yesterday on this one. Given that the most expensive house sold in the Outer Parkside this year was $835,000, I’d say you have a shot at snatching up this baby for under $1M!

  3. Wow, great views and I like this house! Thanks for highlighting Alex. I’ve saved up about a million bucks in cash just for something like this, so I’ll have a look this weekend.

    Thanks again!

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