RealSpeak Gone Really Wrong, 1581 Masonic Waxes Poetic

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From a reader:

Thanks much for the fortnightly dose of sfnewsletter. The West Portal data, in particular, was very helpful, since we rent in neighboring Forest Hills Ext. Gives us some hope…


Going through the New Homes listings, I was curious to see what 1581 Masonic, listed at $3.3M, looked like, and was quite amused with its description…

Architectural detail engages a space that its very purpose defines & masters it wholly. Drawing upon natural elements surrounding the property, the design calculates the position of light, hill, tree & view with ardent charisma, capitalizing the opportunity for function to parallel form. Windows exhibit what lies beyond their frames; finishes honor what dwells inside & out; passages deliver not only a destination, but what lies perhaps miles away; rooms elicit romantic ideas & beg for a pause.


What the hell is that crap!?

Dear, The Dead Poets Society Blog, Can you post this listing for us?

Seriously, we got nothing against our fellow agents, well maybe some, but that is just too far out in right field. Let’s bring it back home and sell some real estate, shall we?

“Ardent Charisma”…

1581 Masonic [MLS]
sfnewsletter [Real Estate market reports and comps sent weekly (almost)]

4 thoughts on “RealSpeak Gone Really Wrong, 1581 Masonic Waxes Poetic

  1. another frustrated creative writing major.

    Writing marketing comments counts as ‘published’ so the agent no longer has to perish…

  2. “Windows exhibit what lies beyond their frames”

    Whoah ! I gotta get me some dem see-thru winders ! Dats hiiiigh tek

    (getting tired of my windows that exhibit a reluctance to use windex)

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