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Great news for the investors out there. Fannie Mae has lifted the 4 property limit rules for conforming loan qualification. Effective March this year, any investor can obtain up to 10 mortgaged properties, but will certainly need to qualify. Down payment, credit score, and reserves may prohibit. . .but, this really opens the doors up for serious

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property investors. Despite the small percentage of the population that this applies to, it is a big win for the mortgage industry as there has been a “loosening” of the reigns, finally.

Now, a bit of an explanation. . .What’s the deal with a 4506? Basically it gives the lender/bank the right to access a borrowers tax returns for the past three years. These days, mostly all lenders are exercising their right to access this data via the irs(as required by Fannie and Freddie). . .despite the fact that all of the borrower’s income documentation is required for loan approval. It seems a bit repetitive, but today, bank’s will go to extreme measures to protect themselves.

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  1. The documentation process along with the 4506 is so painful these days with buying a house. It’s the one part of the whole process that was pure misery for two weeks and left me bitter, hating banks and lenders all the more after the TARP bailout. The whole documentation process was just overdrawn and extended to the point of absurdity. I put 20% down on a home five years ago and banks welcomed me with little fuss, 20% down today on a 30ys fixed and they drown you in documentation requests.

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