Cause Celeb: “The Monty” Drops Prices, Offers Dim Sum

Did we miss something? Has the Montgomery always been referred to as “the Monty”? And what’s up with Realtors’ ability to take any holiday and spin it into a reason to buy a piece of property?

The email subject: “The Monty celebrates Chinese New Year with New Pricing”.

Montgomery Slashing Prices

Clarification or lessons in history are appreciated…and as always, we’ll give 50% of our commission back to any buyers that register us as their agent. Just treat us to dim sum when all is said and done, and maybe a Tsingtao or 12.

3 thoughts on “Cause Celeb: “The Monty” Drops Prices, Offers Dim Sum

  1. They need to get some 8s into their program that day if they’re referencing the Chinese New Year. Or maybe they will be pricing their units at $888,888 ?

  2. Smart move from the “Monty” trying to lure in the Asian Buyers. I’m not sure of the actual % but there is a fair amount of asian buyers/renters at both One Rincon and Infinity. Not sure this is accurate but someone told me that 1/3 of the buyers in both buildings were asian.

  3. I fully expect that the FrontSteps will be in attendance? You will share new pricing with us, won’t you?

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