“Arts and Crafts” house in Noe Valley

4207 26th street
4207 26th street
I started reading this listing for this 2 br 1 ba 998K 1252 feet per tax records listing, and I saw “arts and crafts.” Suddenly and I was like when a cartoon character does a triple take. You know that “uddity uddity uditty” sound accompanied by Fred Flintstone or Porky Pig or equivalent jerking his head side to front three or four times in a row? “Arts and Crafts” ? Simply because it has that faux rock on it? Arts and Crafts used real rock from local sources. Speaking of ole Fred Flintstone, that’s what I like to call the style house pictured above: “Town of Bedrock” style. Not Arts and Crafts.

Here’s the real deal: http://www.buffaloah.com/a/archsty/a-c/bung/index.html

6 thoughts on ““Arts and Crafts” house in Noe Valley

  1. But you’re overlooking the stain glass window above the entry stairs. That’s like “authentic” because it was made in an Arts and Crafts class…

  2. This is absolutely arts and crafts ….

    … so long as your art and craft is centered around constructing things out if discarded cardboard boxes and masking tape.

    And “uddity uddity uditty” : most awesome onomatopoeia of 2009 ! Made me laugh.

  3. I think it means that the owners kid designed the home in their 3rd grade “arts and crafts” class.

  4. Let’s be fair — the MLS description actually says “Remod arts & crafts deco style kitch”. I’m pretty sure she means kitchen. Or, maybe not.

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