Still Hip To Be Green In A Sea Of Gray

From Green Building via Green Key Real Estate:

Several studies affirmed the appeal of smart green buildings and their benefits. Among the more widely hailed was McGraw-Hill Construction’s report in November saying that the potential for continued growth in the green building market is huge. The study projected a possible tripling in the value of eco-friendly construction starts to reach as much as $140 billion in the next five years.

Greener Buildings Top Stories 2008 [Greener Buildings]

2 thoughts on “Still Hip To Be Green In A Sea Of Gray

  1. Thanks for the links to these resources!

    The article by Leslie Guevarra over at “Greener Buildings” was especially interesting.

    Check out the latest posts on the AIA’s blog, The Angle for details on how green building can make for a strategic long-term investment in Obama’s proposed economic recovery package. –

    If that interests you, we also suggest you take a look at the AIA’s “Rebuild & Renew” plan which provides recommendations for Obama’s recovery package when it comes to green building. –

    1. Sorry Rob, your comment was in spam purgatory (blame the many links). Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the tips. Now if you ever have any hot tips on those insane architectural gems we see around the world, pass them along.

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