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Put Down The Disposable Coffee Cup…You'll Be Fine, And...

File this one under nothing to do with real estate, everything to do with you, and how you ruin your coffee experience every day. You’re guilty of it, we’re guilty of it, your friends, family, co-workers, and peers are guilty of it…coffee in the disposable cup, and even worse, with the plastic lid. You’re ruining […]

Still Hip To Be Green In A Sea Of Gray

From Green Building via Green Key Real Estate: Several studies affirmed the appeal of smart green buildings and their benefits. Among the more widely hailed was McGraw-Hill Construction’s report in November saying that the potential for continued growth in the green building market is huge. The study projected a possible tripling in the value of eco-friendly construction starts […]

Down The Drain And Into The Toilet

We would consider this device/invention simply brilliant. It takes water wasted down your sink drain and uses it for water to flush your toilet. Not only does it save roughly 6,000 gallons of water per year (2 person household), but if you drop the diamond ring down the sink, no need to panic. Just look […]

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