theFrontSteps’ Sexiest Realtor In San Francisco 2008 Edition

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The Holidays are upon us, we’re in a recession, and the market is staggering, so why not blow off some real estate steam (focus people) and submit your nomination for San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor 2008. We did the same thing last year, and we crowned a king and queen in a dizzying few days of voting, and thousands of votes counted. Will Claire Chessen and Mark Choey defend their titles? It’s up to you, dear readers, to decide.

To submit your nomination, we need three things:
1) Name
2) Picture or link to picture/website with photo
3) Their Brokerage

If you’re absolutely paranoid about privacy, please use the poll below, choose “other”, write your nomination in the gray bar directly below the “other” button, and we’ll try to find them. You can also submit your nomination in the comments below.

We’re taking nominations until Friday, December 12th. Nominees will be posted and voting begins on Monday, December 15th. Poll will close Saturday, December 20th, and the WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED MONDAY, DECEMBER 22ND! (This all assuming a perfect scenario and all goes as planned.)

Best of luck to our defending champs, and a thank you in advance for all of the readers we expect to participate…now get to it…

Submit your nomination
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See the growing list of nominees.

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10 thoughts on “theFrontSteps’ Sexiest Realtor In San Francisco 2008 Edition

  1. nominated so far:
    Frank Nolan
    Rob La Eace
    Milko Encinas (no pic or link, so we need some help on this)
    Wendy Vandersteen (again)
    Claire Chessen (again)
    Chris Lim (again)
    Emily Dunn (again)
    Jennifer Martin (again)
    Lamisse Droubi (again)
    George Limperis (again)

  2. ok cool.

    so, one looks like a flight attendant from a low budget airline (or a hooker)..and the guy looks like a uptight gay porn star who’s so constipated he’s about to explode.


    that’s why I love the intelligence of this site.

  3. Since when did intelligence have anything to do with whether or not a picture of somebody floats your boat or not?

  4. whatever dede. go f yourself..LOL>

    now that’s funny.

    [Editor’s note: Testing me on the edit button aren’t you Duggo?]

  5. “whatever ded. go f yourself”

    Brilliant rebuttal. Looks like the intelligence of this site reflects the intelligences of its posters.

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