Kevin Rose Should Buy This Pad

Certainly you’ve all heard of a little company called DIGG. It should be no surprise, Kevin Rose, the founder lives in, and loves, San Francisco (lots of talented company founders in this city, aren’t there). He even linked to theFrontSteps a long time ago, which was cool.

With the un-denying success of Digg, and the millions and millions of users, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people that personally follow Kevin Rose, I got to thinking…the dude needs a phat pad! Sure, you’re all going to think I just found one of the most expensive homes on the market…not so. As always, there is a reason for my madness.

I’m thinking Mr. Rose could shake things up in otherwise quiet Pacific Heights. Here’s how.

The home is 2901 Broadway and wouldn’t it be cool to have a monthly Diggnation on that empty/lonely tennis court. It’s just screaming to become a venue for something! Why not frequent Diggnations?

You could throw up a tent, or go open-air. Get a few kegs of beer, run valet parking up the drive, invite the Gettys and the Bebo founders (they just purchased down the street), and turn it into one sweet venue. The neighbors would certainly love it. I mean, how awesome! Throw Diggnations on that court by night, turn it into a half-pipe and invite all the local skaters by day (or just play tennis). You following me?

It’s my guess Digg and Kevin Rose are worth a couple hundred million dollars, so go on Digg fans…Digg it up and get cozy with your Pacific Heights neighbors!

2901 Broadway, $48,000,000 [MLS Detail Page]

4 thoughts on “Kevin Rose Should Buy This Pad

  1. I think Digg is surprisingly NOT worth as much as people think; and the rumors of Digg buyouts were around 300M last year and Rose certainly owns a lot less than 100% so a $50M pad would be a BIG stretch even if he had a 300M sale and netted $150 after tax.

  2. cold call? Great idea! I’m dialing now.

    This place ain’t ever gonna sell for $48M. If it does, I’m outta here. He’d have plenty to spare if he netted 150 after tax. This place is worth $20m…tops.

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