10 thoughts on “Just noticed this one, first thing this morning. Wow.

  1. I’m very familiar with the area, are you? I wouldn’t call it “bad” either. But I know it. I know where various dividing lines are, what the nearby park occasionally sees, etc. Plain and simple this listing represents a lot of money for a Mission Vic in the current market climate.

  2. The area’s still getting better. I’ve lived a block away for the last six years and I’m not afraid to walk around at night by myself. Plus, there’s a lot of life that is opening soon, like Zweibar, flour + water, other stuff nearby.

    I think it’s well priced for 3 units. Each unit in the duplex can be rented for > $2k/month.

  3. I wouldn’t spend 1.8 million to live blocks away from where someone was shot recently in gang warfare… Now for 800K….Its all about the risk/reward ratio :)

  4. I looked at a victorian on 21st & Folsom last week. My cab driver told me that area is part of a gang injunction area (still not sure what that means). But, the cabbie was basically saying to me that the area is still really rough and that he doesn’t advise walking around alone at night *when it’s not a weekend night full of hipsters running around*.

  5. Walked by the open house this past weekend and of course had to stop in. The Vic up front has a gorgeous living room area with some kind of incredible carvings the like of which I’ve never seen before. It has a big beautiful garage that could probably fit four cars.

    Otherwise, the layout is a little funny: kitchen up front and closed off, small small yard in back, though with a beautifully done container garden. The two units behind are not very nice and couldn’t fetch as much on the market as I originally thought. They’re pretty drab and small, not modernized, and I’d price them closer to $12-1400/month for rental income.

    The property is, IMO of course, overpriced for what I saw; I’d say as much as a few hundred thousand less and they’re closer to playing ball.

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