Symphony Towers Slashing Prices, theFrontSteps Giving Back

Symphony Towers is slashing prices on some of their remaining units in Tower One (as reported by our very own Anna Marie Hibble),

…but we’d like to sweeten the pot. They’re offering 4% Broker commission to people like us (Realtors), but we like to give back (we’re givers, you see). So if you’ve wanted to purchase one of those units, we’ll give you 2% of our 4% right back.

That’s one helluva deal. Contact Us for details.

9 thoughts on “Symphony Towers Slashing Prices, theFrontSteps Giving Back

  1. Or just go by yourself without a broker and negotiate the entire 4% discount. Believe me, you’ll get that much and more taken off.

  2. Nice offer on the 2%. Will you apply this to other new buildings in the City that’s offering 4%?

    Or even bettwe, will you give some back at developments offering 3%. I’ll find the unit, you write the contract.

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  3. @dk,

    Sure. Find the unit, we’ll work something out. If it’s 4%, I’ll give you 2% back. If it’s 3%, i’ll keep 1.5%.


    You’re right, but you might get even more when working with someone like a skilled, highly trained, professional price chiseling Realtor like myself.

  4. Thanks Eddy.

    I’m actually going to extend this deal to anyone at any new development. You find it, I’ll represent you, and give you 1/2 of my commission.

    So, when you go visit the sales office for the first time (or any consecutive time) the name to fill out on the form for representation is:

    Alexander Clark
    Zephyr Real Estate

    (I’ve had a couple emails asking for this info already, so why not go for it?)

  5. NICE! Too bad the offer wasn’t earlier. I recently bought at Infinity but looking for more deals later on in the year. (Infinity 2) Hope your offer will still stand.

    @ Anon-

    I too agree that usually I like to go to the sales office at try to lowball myself and ask for the commission but if Alex thinks he could do better, there’s no loss. (Let Alex go in and lowball for you). Plus, he’s willing to kick you back half. Kudos to all the realtors who share.

  6. DK,

    “too bad the offer wasn’t earlier”? All you and anyone else out there has (had) to do is (was) ask. I’m a very reasonable person and know what type of work goes into what type of negotiations, contract, and transaction. So tell your damn friends!

  7. will do in the future, alex!

    i had the guts to ask the developer to slash price but didn’t have the guts to ask a realtor to take 50% less…

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