Mervyns out, Trader Joe’s (should go) in

With the recent news of Mervyns going out of business, we’re left wondering, who’s going to fill the shoes of their location on Masonic (@ Geary)?

Our vote is for the Trader Joe’s that is pretty much kitty corner, always packed, parking lot always full, to pull up their roots, push the shopping carts across the street, and truck the German beer to the bigger space.


Mervyns plans liquidation [SF Business Times]

7 thoughts on “Mervyns out, Trader Joe’s (should go) in

  1. Nope. Moving is expensive. Instead they should just open another store to service an area that’s having to drive to this location. Maybe the old Bell/Cala on Haight and Stanyan?

    Then put a Fry’s in at Mervyn’s. ;)

  2. chrisr,

    Good point about the moving expense. Haight and Stanyan is going to be developed, if memory serves me correctly, so that is out. Plus, imagine the GGP riff-raff heading in there for the free goodies they hand out.

    Fry’s? No. What they should really do is turn it into an indoor skate park with half pipes, bowls, etc.

  3. Best Buy is already upstairs so I doubt there will be another electronics store.

    Personally I would like to see a Target store so I don’t have to trek all the way to Daly City to load up on my household goods.

  4. I know from a friend who did site location for TJ’s that they love super underparked spots. The perception is that the store is always busy so it makes it more desireable to visit. This is evidenced by the line always outside the Masonic store. How’s that for business strategery?

  5. Wow that is devious!

    Remember when all you used to be able to buy at TJ’s was booze, cashews, and like olive oil? It all still has a degree of funk to it. I eat it all the time. So don’t get me wrong. But some of the packaging is still weird to me … like somehow it fell off a truck somewhere. I know it didn’t but how times have changed. There’s a produce section and stuff!

  6. Say, it’s been almost a year since this article and commentary. Any new news?

    I’d like to see a Target there myself, I have to go to San Bruno on BART for cheap housewares, the Daly City store needs to be driven to…

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