Today Zillow is reporting the $100M sale of Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion, thanks to the excellent write up in the Palm Beach Post.

[photo credit: Jeffrey Langlois Daily News file photo, on Business]

Some things we find interesting in all of this:

1) Zillow’s Zestimate of the property is off by about $77M (they admit it), but why didn’t Trump login to Zillow and “Claim the home”, or “Edit home facts”? Maybe he could have put a “make me move” price in, because you know the buyer checked Zillow first. ;-)

2) Trump purchased the property for $41.35M in 2004 in a Bankruptcy sale, according to the report. On the Trump Interview (CNBC) he says, “I bought it for 40”. When you got that kind of cash, what’s the extra $1.35M? Only us “media” type really care.

3) It is a “foreign” buyer, and said buyer is considering tearing it down (good, it’s ugly as hell!)

4) Kendra Todd (Apprentice fame) helped on the remodel, but didn’t get the listing (hmmmm……)

5) It’s not sold…it’s in contract. Big difference.

Regardless, Trump is still the man, and his daughter is super sexy hot. You go Trump!

[Update: Sold to a Russian billionaire for $81.5M. From the most recent article: “The oceanfront estate built by billionaire businessman and philanthropist Sidney Kimmel recently changed hands for $81.5 million. While the sale price was officially recorded at $77.5 million, the buyer also paid $4 million in closing costs.”]

…and back to San Francisco.

$100M sale of Trump’s Palm Beach Mansion [Zillow Blog] Business [Palm Beach Post]

Trump Interview []

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  1. WTF! The Rich just keep getting Richer! and The Poor! Poorer!! All I have to say Is times have changed the economy is all jacked up! for the normal working class citiaens in America! prices for everything! have gone up! NOT! just GAS! I waste about 8$-9$ dollars for a simple meal! and when I see shyt! like this! on how easy the rich can just become more rich! it inspires me to be rich!!! SO The Donald just made like 60MILLION dollar profit! geesh!!! IM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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