6 thoughts on “Stats & Numbers: Single Family Homes

  1. Now’s a good time to be a realtor specializing in D7. The median may be dropping, but at least they are selling.

    Without D7 single handedly holding up the fort, the market lost $30 million dollars in one month YOY. That’s 1.5 million in selling commissions not being made in the rest of the city.

    Maybe there are some who think d7 will go up forever, but I don’t see a whole lot of good news for sellers here.

  2. Look at 1. I’m telling you. Rather under the radar in the last year the Richmond between 3rd and Funston and Cabrillo and the Fulton has become the newest $2M neighborhood.

  3. out of curiousity, fluj and missionite—why no comments on the post that shows the stats? i love theFrontSteps and i’m personally friends with the editor, so i’m not trying to take anything away from him, but i’m just curious as to why i so rarely get feedback/comments on SFSchtuff. i’m trying to improve and would be happy to include anything else you think would make the post more conducive to comments. anyway, long story short–glad to see you participating, now don’t be so shy and drop me a line on SFSchtuff too!

  4. Garrett,

    I’ve wondered this myself, and I’ve seen you wonder this before as well.

    This is just a theory, and I’m hardly an expert, but I think it boils down to focus: the real estate blogs like TFS are focusing on real estate, and so the “community” gets to know each other, and the subject of conversation is limited in scope. Wide ranging blogs can work (see Sfist.com as an example), but it takes a lot more work. In my opinion, for a blog to take off, it takes 2-3 quality posts daily, all on the same subject matter.

    You have some great real estate leads (I like the seductively sold feature too), and don’t have any problems getting links. What you are missing is focus.

    Just my opinion, since you asked for it. :)

  5. Garrett,

    I’ll check it out. I haven’t yet at all. I spend way too much time on blogs as it is but since you asked I will definitely make the time.

  6. missionite–

    thank you so much for the feedback and frankly, i don’t disagree at all. we actually get comments, just not a whole ton of them. i certainly know that SFSchtuff gets a whole lot of readers (we’ve grown every month since we started and i’m amazed at home many people read the blog), but i think you’re right. the real estate folks that check in only like the real estate schtuff and the other folks that pop in hardly ever read the real estate schtuff. either way, i appreciate your feedback.

    flug, no worries on never making it over. when you get a chance, hop on over.

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