The Scoop on your Poop

As you might have learned, if you’ve read our site for a while, if we can remotely spin it towards real estate, your “tip” has a good chance of getting on the site. Today a lesson on what happens when you flush your pipes.

From our reader:


It was really great that you did your post on the oil spill, so I thought I’d throw this out there. Our sewer system is old, cracking, and needs an overhaul in a bad way. You think the water is polluted now, wait ’til we get a big rain, and/or major earthquake. You’ll never want to surf again. Anyway, here is a link to an informational site that will help you all learn a little more. I’d appreciate if you could put it on your site.”

Wish granted. We’ll just go ahead and add some quotes from the sewer site for you:

San Francisco’s first 250 miles of sewers were built in the late 1800s and by 1935 almost two thirds of the system we have today had been installed. The normal life expectancy of sewers ranges from 50 to 100 years, so a large portion of our pipes have exceeded their expected lifespan.

Every time you flush your toilet, wash your dishes and clothes, or take a shower, your wastewater empties through pipes in your home into San Francisco’s combined sewer system. Each day more than 80 million gallons of wastewater is collected and transported to treatment plants, where pollutants like human wastes, oil and pesticides are removed before reaching the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. In fact, every six days, San Francisco generates enough wastewater to fill a football stadium from top to bottom!

Feel free to get involved, and definitely touch up on the master plan which might help keep our bay and ocean clean. You might also tell your neighbors to pick up their damn trash, and stop flicking cigarette butts into the street. Just some added thoughts.

Well…..we get just about every tip, and “can you post this” email you can imagine, (and we love them, so keep them coming).

Now back to real estate.

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