1. I saw a glossy poster of the planet around 1988 or so, made in the style of those ‘motivational posters’ like “Team Work”, “Persistence”, “Serenity”, etc…. except that 1988 poster was captioned “Explore Uranus”

  2. I was incidentally driving there today…. and wondered how much in % buyers would be affected by a house number or a street name.

    Anybody here with a story about a house #666? about a house #69? about a unit #13? (do we have any in SF?) about Bush street? or Clinton Street? (in either way), or stuff like 1849 california (which doesnt exist btw)?

    I plead guilty as charged. our house number and our street name rock in our opinion, and we DID up a little our offer, because we felt it was a “good” house. Not very scientific, however, we needed some unreasonable incentive to stay in a bidding war…

  3. ok, so james. If in millenium tower you could choose between 4 identical units (say, 22,23, 24, and 25th floor, so floor number doesnt really matter), would you CHOOSE a unit #69? and would you choose to pay a premium because 3 buyers actually want that unit?

  4. I want to know how much.

    say unit is 2BR2BA 1500sqft at 1200/sqft= $1.800.000 unit. (pretty standard numbers i guess).

    so how much is the house address worth? in dollars or in %. 10K? 50K? 10% (180K) ?

    I’d guess something between 3 and 5% in overbid. What do you think?

    (I mentioned “generic” numbers, but it can be you wedding year, your dog registration number, you credit score or any number that might NOT have any value to someone else, unlike 69 or 1849 california – so you cannot assume you’ll get your overbid back upon resell. [in the #69 @ millenium, I’d guess up to 10% because you can resell the number)

  5. if i were single and could the fact that i lived in unit 69 as a pick up line in a bar, i’d pay an extra million for it. since i’m not however, i’d pay nothing extra for it.

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