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Today and the rest of this week until Tuesday 8/7, we’re going to be “out of office” with zero new posts and no comment moderation. Unfortunately, we will not be sipping fresh lime margaritas in Mexico, but dreaming of it nonetheless. Please keep comments civil, have fun, keep spreading the word, and keep sending us your questions, post ideas, and feedback. We’ll put it all up when we get back. Upon our return, we hope to see a lot of good debate on whether the “Greek” crowd in the Marina can outwit the “Socialites” of Pacific Heights as to who’s ‘hood is better and why. Just don’t cross the line.


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Now would also be a good time to catch up on past posts and comment on a few “most viewed posts”.

If you happen to comment and it doesn’t show up, it’s the spam filter. Sorry, we’ll release it from comment purgatory on our return Monday night (8/6).


Battle Royale: Pacific Heights vs. the Marina…if you had to choose. [theFrontSteps]