The Launches…a First Impression


What the hell is the FlippingPad…besides a cool name? Actually, it’s a pretty cool site with very good intentions. In a nutshell, it is is a forum/blog/site for all you property flippers, aspiring property flippers, and past property flippers to get together and talk story. It has a national audience, albeit small but definitely growing, and there could be some good advice and/or deals to be found there. If you’re into real estate, it should be on your radar.  The message below is from one of the founders:

“We were fed up with current real estate communities. While many offer a wealth of information, we got lost in the shuffle. Our goal was to create a place to share and discuss real estate investing without being inundated by the get rich quick packages of the site’s founders. Many lesson packages and seminars are useful, we just wanted a site free of outside influence, where active investors could  potentially post projects, find partners and get “objective” advice.
The Flipping Pad promotes ethically responsible investing through shared knowledge. You’ll always get both sides of the coin on our site, or at least we hope so!”

As much as I like the site, I have a couple gripes with it. The expansiveness of the site is too much. Anybody who is in real estate knows that real estate is a local business with local idiosyncrasies.  I personally have no interest whatsoever with flipping, or learning about flipping a property in say Minnesota, although I am guilty of commenting about a house in Kings Beach Lake Tahoe (my old stomping ground). The “rules of the game” are entirely different in San Francisco. For example, the advice on “How to Find Motivated Sellers”, really doesn’t apply here, but the up-side to that is that if you wanted advice on it pertaining to San Francisco, you could post a topic/question and see what type of response you get. (Update!…I just discovered they have the local thing going on. Kudos to them!)
The next question becomes the reliability of the sources and their intentions. So far, I see a lot of articles that definitely seem like they have something to sell, and I always get annoyed with Google Ads on sites. Do they really create that much revenue that they’re worth taking up space on your site? If so, I better get some on here. ;-)
All-in-all, the FlippingPad is young, but very promising, and a nice clean site with good features. It will take some time to see how it molds exactly, but I think the potential is there. Go check it out. I’m going to spend some more time there, so maybe we’ll meet in the FlippingPad.

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