Ask an Expert, to rent or not (this is a doozy)

“I recently purchased a building consisting of two flats. I did a quick refurbishment of the interior and currently need to find tenants. HOWEVER, I may end up doing something vastly different with the property in the near future. As such, I can’t offically rent out the units under a contract because I may need to have the tenants leave after a certain period of time. SF is hyper-protective of tenant’s rights so I thought about just subletting the units. But should I then offer the flats furnished? Do you have any thoughts? I’d appreciate any advice!
Many thanks, SG”

As answered by Alexander Clark, sfnewsletter

I can see where you are going with this as the city has a huge lock-down on property owners and their rights of ownership/possession. I don’t know where your building is, but a corporate short term rental may be ideal. With that said, my advice, talk to a good attorney. I can recommend David Gellman of Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad, Gibson & Harris, LLP, Thanks for asking.  I hate when I have to defer for liability’s sake, mais c’est la vie dans les Etats-Unis!

As answered by Eddie O’Sullivan,

Hey SG,

Tenant issues in SF are like playing with fire, be careful as you can get burned very easily. If you cash a check for a month’s rent, you have given that person tenancy even if there is no contract.

If you are willing to furnish the units and they are well located I would look for a company that handles excutive rentals. Then you will get top dollar and you’ll have tenants who are only passing though town for 3 to 6 months!

Be careful and good luck!
Eddie O’

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