1384 Francisco SOLD, and a sign of the times

Three bed, two bath, single family home in the Marina, and apparently not in Liquefaction Zone (per JCP), just sold for $1,851,000.  Asking, $1,850,000.  Last sold in ’04 for $1,650,000.  Great house, great location, good price=excellent deal and happy home owners.   We’re seeing a lot less of the crazy overbids, and more of these little overbids.




[pics taken from MLS property profile]

2 thoughts on “1384 Francisco SOLD, and a sign of the times

  1. $1.851 million is fair value. The square footage is roughly 1,850sqft = $1,000/sqft. I don’t think that’s a steal. Frankly, this eastern part of the Marina generally has been selling for $900/sqft last year. Hence, to get $1,000/sqft is a pretty darn good.

    Music plays for homeowners in The MArina :)

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